Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lettuce Storage

Lettuce storage has been a issue of mine for many years.  I eat a salad almost every day, so I buy a lot of lettuce.  But even with eating a lot of salads, I still end up throwing some away that has gone bad.  When lettuce turns, it turns fast and then it's slimy and gross. So I started doing a little research (as most of you know I love to do) and stumbled across a very happy surprise.  Mason jars are the perfect storage devise for lettuce!  How did I not know or not think of that?  I use mason jars for everything...why not lettuce? 

So I decided to give it a try.  I bought some fresh new hearts of romane, cleaned it, chopped it and packed into the jars.  Tonight was the true test...we were having a salad with dinner.  I opened the jars, which had created their own vacuum pack from the lids alone and poured it out...it was still bright and crunchy...like the day it went in the jar.  WooHoo!  I've finally found a way to keep lettuce from going bad before it all gets eaten.  Yay!!!!!


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  1. Never thought I'd see jarred lettuce in my refrigerator.