Friday, September 16, 2016

Simple & Delicious Cookbook Binder...meets Thursday night!

It's been a super busy has been jammed packed with meetings, an employee resigning, demanding clients, & the list goes on & on.  The Littles have had a busy schedule as well with our caseworker's monthly home visit (we have 2 foster daughters), Little #2 turning 3, newly turned 3 year old's well-being checkup, etc.  And, the hubs starts his new position on Friday.

So there I sat on Thursday night with no dinner the Taste of Home Simple & Delicious Cookbook Binder I go!

I pull out the list of possibilities I made when I first got the cookbook and immediately find the one...Quick Chicken & Wild Rice Soup...the word "Quick" sealed the deal.  And a bonus...I can do it in my Tupperware microwave pressure cooker (this bad boy is a whole other post...if you've never heard of it, go check it's worth every single dime) - making Quick even Quicker. The recipe calls for a stove top prep., but I've learned soups do fabulous in the pressure cooker so I know it will be fine. Not to mention, the chicken can be frozen and still come out cooked perfectly after only 30 mins...which mine was, because of lack of planning...again.

So everybody went into the pool (even the rice - uncooked), the lid went on, and 30 mins. later...fabulous, yummy Quick Chicken & Wild Rice Soup!  It was definitely simple & very delicious.  The flavors all melded together and became a lightly creamy and rich tasting soup.  Very satisfying and filling.  This one will for sure be added to my, What the heck's for dinner tonight? list. It is a 5-star winner in my book!  (The only adjustment I made was adding corn.  We're a love some corn in our chicken soup kind of family.)

Just another reason - or should I say, another recipe - as to why everyone needs this new cookbook.

Until next time...

Eat, pray, love,


PS:  Links to buy this amazing cookbook...Simple & Delicious Cookbook Binder...can be found in the previous post.

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