Friday, October 7, 2011

October in The Dells...

We actually had the opportunity to visit The Dells in the beginning of October this year.  We usually go the 3rd weekend of the month to celebrate our anniversary.  But this year it was the 1st weekend, and oh, how things are different at the beginning vs. the end.  You wouldn't think that two weeks would really make that big of a difference, but boy does it.

The first thing we noticed is that the trees still have leaves and they are starting to transform into the beautiful colors of fall that we all know and love.  The other thing that was very apparent is that people were still coming to visit.  There were people every where from downtown to the restaurants to the hotels.  And...things were still open for these people to come visit.

One of our favorite experiences in the Dell's to eat at Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty (, but they close for the season the 2nd weekend of October.  So this year it was very exciting to drive into the parking lot and see lots of cars and know we were going to get that great, home-style breakfast we love so much.  (Isn't it funny what people get a kick out of?!)

So, if you get a chance to visit the Dell's in the fall...we highly recommend the first or second weekend of won't be disappointed.  We are even thinking of changing our visits from now on, you might see us there.  ;)

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